Grace - Wedding Template

The Couple

The Couple
The Bride

Jennifer Mills

Jenny is a coffee lover, a vet and a photographer. She also likes travelling and on one sudden trip in France she fell in love with photography when she met Paul. She also takes care of pets.

The Groom

Paul Gordon

Paul is a cat afficionado, a photographer and passionate cook. He travels all over the world to teach people to cook and when he is not in the kitchen, he takes photographs.

The Story


  • 2011 - Paris, France

    A sudden trip with a friends made Jenny go to Paris for a few days. In a bar near the flea market she met Paul... A brief encounter changed their lifes.

  • 2011 - London Party

    A couple of weeks later, they met accidentally on the famous London Party and exchanged phone numbers.

  • 2011 - First date

    Paul asked Jenny out for their first date in the cosy French brasserie - Joan of Arch - and this when they fell in love with each other.

  • 2012 - the First home

    Almost a year after their first date, they decided to live together and rented a place of their own.

  • 2014 - Engagement

    After 2 years living together, Paul was conviced that Jenny is the girl of his life and popped the big question during a dinner at the French brassery they went on their first date. She said “YES”!

  • 2016 - the Wedding

    Finally, after so much planning and despite their busy lifestyle, the wedding is going to happen. Join them on the happiest day of their lives.

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The Wedding

The Ceremony

The Ceremony

St. Martins Church
254, King Street Road

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The Dinner

The Dinner

Monkey Jar
78, Holborn Street

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The Party

The Party

The Ginger Cat Bar
9, Beach Blvd

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The Groomsmen

Best man

John Cole

Best man & best friend


Brad Johnston

Best Friend


Alex Maley

Best friend & college roommate


Stuart Lambert

Best friend & Colleague

The Bridesmaids

Maid of Honour

Penny Moore

Maid of honour & best friend


Jackie Paterson

Best friend & college roommate


Claire Beany

Best friend & college roommate


Nora Coleman

Best friend & Colleague

The Gifts

Gift Registry

To save you time, we registered at a few retail shops, so you can help us start our new life together. We are grateful for every gift. We can wait to see you at the wedding.

Harrods   Selfridges


Help us go to the dreamed vacation in Portugal and Morocco. We plan to wander around these beautiful places and if you want you can make our dream come true.

Chip in for honeymoon


Please, respond by 31 May 2017. we’d love to see you at our wedding